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« on: May 03, 2018, 03:52:09 PM »
Is there by any chance a firmware for QHY5III290 supporting the low level protocol? I would assume it is pretty similar to the QHY5III224 except the maximal frame size.


Is it possible that the sensor chip is set to window cropping mode instead of operating in the all pixel scan mode (Quad VGA)? Is there a way to force all pixel scan mode?


I do not mind cropping it. However I am a bit puzzled why the camera is running with a slower speed than it does with your SDK.

I still only get ~144fps instead of 154fps (same resolution / exposure / usb transfer speed =0)
* usb total received bytes per frame 1250568 = 2x4+1280*(960+17)
* no frame drops using 64 Bit counter encoded in the image data
* 2x4 = magic bytes of the header (one 4 Byte transfer message at the beginning + 4 extra bytes at the end)
* cpu load with low level libusb implementation < 18 %

Any ideas?


Thank you for the informations. I am currently writing a gstreamer plugin and have some questions about configuring the QHY5 III 224 using libusb and the new protocol.

* setting the camera to 1280x960 will result in images of 1284x984
* setting the camera to 1276x936 will result in images of 1280x960
--> it seems only steps of 24 are allowed for y
Is this intended or a bug in the firmware? I also get a border of 4 vertical / 16 horizontal no matter which frame size and x/y offset is used. Are these the optical black pixels which are always returned? Is it possible to turn them off?

The very first line has some data encoded. Is it possible to get the format? It is probably a counter.

At the moment I get ~147 fps for true 1280x960 and no frame drops. The old SDK does ~154 and does not display the 16 black lines at the top. Is there a hidden feature I am missing?

I had the exact same problem. The new device was recognized by EZCAP & SharpCAP but the camera was not returning any image on three different computers including Mac OS / Linux / Windows. It turned out that there was an electrical issue with one of the internal connectors (see image attached). After correctly connecting the connector SharpCAP is working like expected.

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