IMX294 color binning 1x1 really possible ? Same question for impressive IMX 482


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Hi Qiu,
Hi all,

For monochrome sensor, after a long wait, now I know I will buy a QHY 294 M...
And both possibilities to use bin 2x2 and bin 1x1 is the cherry on the cake !!
Great job Qiu and QHYCCD team !  ;)

Now, let's consider the color sensors...

As far as I understand, it may be possible to use IMX294 color in bin 1x1 with a QHY 294 C...

So my question is how it could be possible to debayer the bin 1x1 images correctly ?

As you know, today IMX482 is the most sensible Sony color sensor for surveillance.
The best SNR1s ever ! 2 times better than IMX294... The Graal for short exposure
DSO and EEA. And... It's a Quad Bayer as IMX294...  ;D

So if IMX294 color could by used in bin 1x1 and correctly debayered, for sure that
will be the same for IMX482. If Sony use the same architecture of Quad Bayer, an IMX482
in bin 1x1 will logically have an ultra-ultra low read noise !

I have a QHY 294 C cooled, great camera, but I really hope that I could replace it whith
a QHY 482 C. The reduced field is not a problem for me, only increased sensitivity matters. 

Please keep me informed if you plan a  QHY 482C ?

Many thanks.



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Hello Alberic,

        We are doing some work that we can debayer the QuadByer format. We are coding it and will release later.
Best regards,
Qiu Hongyun
Qiu Hongyun