« on: January 06, 2021, 03:45:34 AM »
Hello, the imx 485 has been available for some time now and I am surprised not to see any test or image made with this camera, even less in deep sky.

Do you intend to release a cooled version of this sensor, or better yet a monochrome version?

I practice EAA with 150/750 and a cooled QHY290MM, and it's really amazing what you can get in less than 20mn on galaxies! Unfortunately the field of view is very limited and we have to be content with aiming at small objects.

an example obtained with my setup: 40x30s 150/750-QHY290MM cooled

Between the small sensors type 290 and the medium sensors like the 183 and the 294, there is nothing recent and as efficient. A sensor like the imx 485 would be perfect for this use, the same resolution as a 290 with a much larger field, and obviously just as efficient, but it lacks the cooling which is still important when making 30s exposures.