QHY600 and CFW3-XL

QHY600 and CFW3-XL
« on: May 11, 2021, 05:19:08 PM »
I have a CFW3-XL on order for use with my QHY600 camera. I'll be using it with 50mm square filters. The scope is fairly fast (f/3.7) and I wanted a setup that wouldn't vignette, and the "L" version of the CFW3 definitely doesn't meet this requirement. I expect it would be fine with a slightly slower scope, but I lose the corners with my setup.

Will I need any special adapters to attach the XL version of the CFW3 to my QHY600? Or does it come with everything I need? Is it a different size dovetail/centering adjuster? Will I need to have Precise Parts put something together? Or is there a QHY adapter/step up ring I will need to buy?

Any advice would be appreciated. I'd love to sort this out before the filter wheel arrives and I suddenly find I can't use it as is.

Thanks - Jared