020063 adapter query

020063 adapter query
« on: May 31, 2021, 05:56:18 AM »
Hi, I have a qhy163m and a qhycfw3s-sr and I want to attach my camera to the filter wheel using the 020063 adapter which I have not purchased yet as I'm unsure how it will attach my camera and filter wheel together.

if I remove the dovetail plate from my camera and the camera connection interface from the filter wheel and then fit the 020063 adapter to my camera using the 4 screws how do i then connect the camera to the camera side of filter wheel as there is only 4 screw holes on the filter wheel and the 020063 adapter has 6 screw holes

The screenshot from qhyccd.com shows that they go together.

The camera side of the filter wheel shows that it is threaded once the camera connection interface is removed.  Is the 020063 adapter threaded which would then allow me to screw it into the filter wheel on the camera side

Can anyone clarify this please

i found out that 020063 adapter connects to my camera with the 4 small screws then connects to cfw using 4 screws holes out of the six holes in the adapter
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